Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ministry Trip At Bangka Island

On February 21th-26th, we were in Bangka island for ministry trip with our church, GBI Mal Taman Palem, and Rev. Jeanne Lee (Singapore).

We were stayed at Bangka for 6 days & 5 nights. It was wonderful time to minister the people who lived in Bangka island. We were telling them about Jesus, about salvation, about the love of The Lord for them, also we served them in healing prayers.

Bangka's people are nice, they are welcome you all the times. The food are great, tastefull and you don't worry to spent out a lot of money.

One nice resort in Bangka is Paray Beach resort. This is in Sungai Liat region. A lot of rocks in the beach which is reminds us to be as the rock for our fondation in Jesus Christ. Amin.

Below is a panorama picture of Paray Beach resort, please click the picture to see in bigger size.




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